Ryan Esperto

A little about me

Hello and welcome to my personal page, my name is Ryan Esperto. I am currently a student pursuing his bachelors in Computer Science. I really enjoy to code and am eager to always learn more and create things that are better.


Game Development

I have always been interested in game development, So have proceeded to try to understand more about it. I have messed around and used both Unity and Unreal Engine and for VFX used Houdini Launcher but game engine wise I seemed to like UE more especially with the updates for it and it feels a lot smoother

Coding languages

I have learned multiple coding languages and try to consistently keep them fresh in my head for the next time i need to use them. A few of the coding languages i know are Python, C++, JavaScript, and R. Of these 4 i really enjoyed C++ the most just because of how easy the language is to write and read.

ExplorING The World Of Coding

Coding is always hard to get into and show what you know and what you are capable of, So one of the important parts of this website that i wanted to have is my Projects. Projects really show how strong of a coder you are and the capabilities you have to help a company.

Hobbies and Work Ethic

For Hobbies I like to Hunt, Fish, and enjoy time with family and friends. I am Someone who values connections with others highly so i really enjoy building relationships with others and help building a strong team that way problems and tasks that need to be done don’t have problems happening leading up to it. I am Told I am a strong leader and I’m someone that shows resilience in the work I do, and with this keep others motivated to do great things as well.